Musa Statue is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
For appointments, sales or private custom designs please contact Musa directly
by phone (204)963-0772       or
email (
You may also visit Musa’s website at :
Musa looks forward to the opportunity to discuss his full range of products with you.
Terms and Conditions:
·         Consultations and estimates are free of charge.
·         Appointments are required for all consultations.
·         Prices for custom designs are negotiable. 
·         Payment options are available and negotiable.  Written agreements and purchase orders will be co-signed and binding.
·         A one year warranty will be offered on all pieces based on proper care.
·         Musa Statue will deliver quality craftsmanship. 
·         Adjustments and modifications will be made at no extra charge.
·         Musa Statue does not believe returns will be necessary.  If a customer is not satisfied, a consultation will be held to rectify any problem.

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