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MUSA - The Artist:
Musa Hazara is an established international artist with 20 years of experience designing and producing ornamental sculptures.  He is re-known for his architectural masterpieces created from durable concrete.  Musa has perfected exquisite styles of both Victorian and Asian designs.  This skilled craftsman is revered for the intricacies and uniqueness of his art.
MUSA STATUE- The Company:
Musa Statue is based in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada.  All Musa Statue pieces are handmade from reinforced concrete.  This is a very durable and weather resistant product requiring minimal maintenance.  A Musa Statue ornament can enhance both indoor and outdoor living.
Using the menu bar you are invited to explore the many ornamental concrete sculptures, planters, birdbaths, fountains, lanterns, benches and more offered by Musa Statue. Choose a design that will make a striking statement or bring a quiet elegance to your garden or landscape.
Musa Statue offers a full range of concrete designs that will add elegance and beauty to your home or business.  A Musa Statue will transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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